Mattress Comforter

My fiancé and I recently finished registering for furniture, linens, kitchen equipment and vacuums at a couple of local stores, like Macy’s and Crate and Barrel. We found some elegant silverware and goblets to go with our China pattern, and some great casual dinnerware, too. However, a lot of our friends and family prefer to shop online these days—since it’s hard to find time to head to the mall. While doing a little research, I found this great website called eRegistry—where you can shop from hundreds of stores to create the perfect bridal registry. After putting your list together, you can send it to your guests via email so they can conveniently shop from home.

We found items for every room in our house at stores like, Ace Hardware, Target and We even registered for some camping and tailgating gear at, so we’ll be all set for summer.

If you need to put your bridal registry together but haven’t thought about what to register for, here are a few things we decided to ask for:

  1. Matching towels, rugs and shower curtains for our bathrooms
  2. also has a great selection of mattresses. It’s a great gift to suggest to your parents to buy and it will make for a great wedding night! You will also need sheets and comforter for your brand new bed completed with a matching bedskirt!
  3. Furniture slipcovers to improve the look of our old college couches and chairs. Down the road we might invest in some new furniture we saw at Overstock.  
  4. Small appliances and kitchen gadgets from The Home Marketplace 
  5. Two inexpensive sweeper vacuum cleaners for the upstairs and the basement (less than $50 at
  6. China and silverware so we have enought place settings to host parties
  7. You can never have too many wine and beer glasses...
  8. Boring I know but we were in need of a good hamper so I can train my fiancé to put the clothes in there instead of our bedroom floor

The great thing about registering online with eRegistry is that you receive a cash contribution from the website for every gift purchased, so you can donate your total contributions to the charity of your choice. If your not signed up with eregistry I would reccomned checking out, they offer this same great option. I love that my fiancé and I can give back to others when people buy gifts for us online—and that we can shop from so many stores at once, without leaving our living room!

Now the last thing left for us to decide is where to get married? I would really love to get married at my Dad's alma mater, Harvard, But my fiancé prefers to get married on his college campus, Picking out our registry may have been easy but this is turning in to a full on battle. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions?