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Claire M. Curry

PhD Candidate

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program

OU Department of Biology


Claire holding titmouse

My research interests include evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, ornithology, and phylogeography. I am also interested in learning about and sharing the natural history of birds and insects with the public. My current research focuses on the behavioral and genetic dynamics of an avian hybrid zone, using the Tufted and Black-crested Titmouse species complex of Oklahoma and Texas as a model system. Hybrid zones such as this one, where two closely related species' ranges overlap, provide insight into gene flow and speciation.

The aforementioned fields are important for both our basic understanding of biology and as a basis for natural resource conservation. By researching these areas and working as a graduate teaching assistant, I will be preparing for a career as an active researcher and educator. I wish to either teach and conduct research at the university level (where I can share my enthusiasm for the natural world via field-based courses) or become a researcher in government or for a private organization. As a researcher and teacher, I want to encourage people from all walks of life to think about science and how it is important to their world.

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Advisor: Michael Patten


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Claire M. Curry

Department of Biology
University of Oklahoma
730 Van Vleet Oval
Room 314
Norman, OK 73019

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