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My name is Tyler Freeman. I am a sophomore by year and a junior by hours. I am a Pre-Med student, and my current major is Microbiology, but I am considering double majoring in Chemsistry as well. Given my majors, it seems redundant to say there are a lot of science courses ahead of me, and this semester is no different. In addition to Indian Epics, I am taking Intro to Literature with Prof. Snyder, Organic Chem Lab with Dr. Morvant, Organic Chem II with Dr. Morvant, Genetics with Prof. Thompson and Intermediate Spanish with Kneifl. Outside of class, I am involved with a few other things on campus. I am a first year RA on floor two of the Honors College, which means I have three halls of freshman I'm responsible for.

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I am a member of BYX and was recently chosen as our Social Chair this semester. Lastly, and maybe most interestingly, I am on Spirit Staff for Scandals Exec Committee this year! Scandals is going to be great this year, so be sure to roll out and see the show. I am the eldest of five children (I'm aware that that's a large number. Thanks for the sympathy). I have a younger sister who is a senior in highschool, a younger brother who's a freshman in highschool, another sister who is a fifth grader, and my youngest brother who is only three (insert awww here).
I am also in a relationship with Claire Schroepfer, so hands off ladies.

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