Architectural Engineering Institute

The Architectural Engineering Institute is a nationally affiliated technical organization new to CEES here at the University of Oklahoma. The AEI student chapter was founded in 2006 by interested architectural and civil engineering students.

The purpose of AEI is to promote and disseminate knowledge regarding the profession of architectural engineering through study, research, and discussion. AEI also provides the opportunity for interaction between students and professionals in the field through sponsored site tours, seminars and social events.

All students, regardless of major,interested in architectural engineering are welcome to attend our gatherings and are encouraged to become a member. 

AEI doesn't just apply to Architectural Engineering students. For example, Civil Engineers who want to design building structures or Mechanical Engineers who want to design building mechanical systems can also find a home in AEI.


2009 Officers

Sean Price

Brian Harting

Tia Madl

Alyse Burgess

Cassondra Underwood
Social Chair

Diana Lucero
Professional Activity Chair

Colin Osborne
Technical Chair

Patrick Crowder
National Liaison

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