...though he is known to the Hagoola tribe* as 'He Who Sings like Owl'.

        *Hagoolas are notorious for their lack of sanity.

                                                                                                                        "Frankly, my dear, this is no time to panic.
                                                                                                                         Save the panicking for the next election."
Cover       Celestial Voyages
                                    My first book, officially released May 10.  It's a story with adventure, science fiction, and other jolly
                                    good stuff all set at the end of the Victorian Era.  If you like Jules Verne or H.G. Wells or the Disney's
                                    Atlantis or space movies or anything like that, I'm sure you'll like this.  If you don't, I'm still sure you'll
                                    like it.  If you really don't like it, I'll have a word with you.
                                    Be sure to drop by the Celestial Voyages message board for Celestial Voyages-type discussions.

                                    Celestial Voyages:  The Moon is out on the Internet!  Check for it at PublishAmerica,
                                    Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, etc, etc, etc!
                                    If you don't like internet purchases, check your local bookstore and bug 'em until they get a shelf of
                                    'em.  Then, other people can come in, say "gee, what a weird book," buy it, and I can get some
                                    money to spend on YOU!  Pizza party and sweaters, oh yeah!

    The Many Faces of Jeff
                                    A sort of bio type deal.

The Beta Page
                                    You know, I'm not even sure what is up with this thing.

                                    The Game of World Domination or Global Conquest or something like that.

          Battle Risk
                                    Spin-off of Risk, where you command an army on the scale of a battle instead of a campaign.

         The Academy
                                    A comic about a school which bears a bit of a resemblance to another certain school.
                                    The Academy is now a full-fledged web comic!  Check it out daily!

                                    Yeah, I say a lot of weird stuff.  Some of it hopefully makes sense on some level.  There're some
                                    other weird things said by other people too.

           The Super Government
                                    The product of the Banner/Wayne vs. Xavier/Grey election.  It's like every nerd's political dream.

                                    A list of different kinds of humor from absurdity to slapstick.

        The Mansion
                                    What I used to spend my free time doing a few years ago.  Who else would be crazy enough to build
                                    a model mansion from spare cardboard,  modeling clay, and a few blocks?

The Energon Empire        The Energon Empire
                                    I think I've been working on this thing since like 8th grade.  It's an intergalactic empire with lots and
                                    lots of weird stuff.  Enjoy!

         The Halloween Game
                                   What's scarier than being transported to an evil dimension full of monsters all trying to kill you?  Maybe
                                    a math final, but only just slightly.

     Mac 'n Cheese Party Time!
                                    A magical evening brought to you by the OU Cynics Society.

            Ashley's Birthday Party!
                                    What light in yonder window breaks?  Tis a birthday party, and Ashley is the sun.

            John's Birthday Bash!
                                    What's the worst that could happen, right?  Heh, famous last words...

                                    Other places on the 'Net.

                                    Good for talkin'.  Please talk to me.  I am so desperate!  (hehe, that's right, feel guilty...)

Hey, sign my guestbook so we all know you cared enough to drop by!
        (that is so 1995)

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